Monday, July 28, 2008

Shakespeare in Love

MUST-SEE: (John Madden) No truer to romantic comedy form, Shakespeare in Love is emotion and entertainment topped with laughter at its best. From laughing to crying through a deep from the gut of love stories, and love and quarrel among friends and foe of fighting playhouses and sneaky writers, this film hones in on every dynamic detail of not simply a romantic comedy, but a great film. And does so to the nth degree, splurging creative humor while keeping reality at bay. This film delves into the intimate thoughts of a young William Shakespeare fighting to start his career against competitors in a dreadful society. Shakespeare in Love takes us through his journey of turning out Romeo and Juliet, which we learn actually began as Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate's Daughter, act by act, each inspired by his muse, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, who claims making love to him is "better than poetry." Humor reigns throughout the film, bringing the wit of Shakespeare to the tongues of riots Geoffrey Rush, Tom Wilkinson and Joseph Fiennes. Not to mention Simon Callow and Judy Dench play small, yet remarkable, roles that bring this cast together as one hilarious and credible bunch portraying the beautiful tragedy of infamous star-crossed lovers. I have never been so satisfied by a storyline, one that gives so much due to Mr. Shakespeare himself, one that portrays his historic novelties as modernistic dreamers, and one that reveals moral and life through a genuine and hearty story. Men and women alike can appreciate this film, as the flowery language is thanks to William and the gushing lovesick lines are played from the heart of a true emotion. If you didn't get to see this one back in 1998, believe me, it hasn't lost its cred and still stands up to its Oscar nods and notable reputation. You'll finish it feeling brushed up on your sonnets, refreshed in romanticism and completely entertained by wit, comedy and characters that stand classic for a lifetime.

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