Monday, July 14, 2008

My Blueberry Nights

ALMOST: (Kar Wai Wong) A touching and tender movie dotted with potential controversy, My Blueberry Nights disappoints overall as a bland, predictable and pretty much boring film. The story is sweet, but stereotypical: A broken-hearted girl treks across the country trying to find herself amongst misfits in low places. Director takes us through three story lines, each with a character that helps reinstall Norah Jones's Elizabeth's self respect and dignity. The brightest spots consist of the small roles by Nathalie Portman as a gambling addict out for innocent money, Rachel Weisz and David Straitharn as separated and drunken lovers who quarrel to the death, and a dreamy cafe owner, played by Jude Law, who falls for her blueberry lovin' lips and thoughtful postcards from afar. Jones falls short as an actress, but does deliver sultry smokin' tunes to make a killer soundtrack. The brief appearances by the other stars are strangled by a weak script, a deeper story seeming just below the surface. This is a key note for recognizing great performances, made obvious by Jones's empty attempt to make the surface seem fallible. Unfortunately, with boring script and flat performance gives this film an overall "seen it" and "it hasn't changed" tone. Sad, because the aforementioned stars put forth their best, they just had nothing to work with. The title also leaves you hanging... does it refer to the blueberry pie being what she associates home with? Is it because she is in love with the guy who makes them? Or is it because when she ate blueberry pie those few nights, that was what made her pick up and leave. I wouldn't stress over getting this movie in your player... Watch it if you're curious, but don't expect a smash. It won't make you cry, you probably won't laugh, and most of all, you might keep checking your watch.

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