Wednesday, July 9, 2008


WORTH-IT: (Timur Bekmambetov) Wow, what a film. Based on a graphic novel, you know to expect extreme visual stimulation, but Wanted goes beyond those expectations, providing a seamless storyline, effortless suspense and nonstop action, all made pretty by the Matrix-infused cinematography. From playing on trains to curving bullets, Angelina Jolie and Common train nobody, James McAvoy to become the newest member of the Fraternity, a group of highly skilled do-good assassins who get their targets from a Minority Report-like fate dispenser, in this case a code hidden in the threading of fabric at a textile mill. They capture him in a dead-end job and self-depravity to introduce him into a world where he is at the least, "The man." Their goal is to kill the man out to ruin the Fraternity, and McAvoy, whose character stems from Fraternity bloodline, is apparently the one to do it. He learns to kill, accepts the codes, and finds himself comfortable in a new life where significance is apt and violence is everywhere. I found nothing wrong with this film, the rules were believable and the story realistic for those rules. I loved the graphic novel narration take, which delivers a swift kick in the stomach humor every time McAvoy addresses you the viewer. Expect lots of (beautifully displayed) blood and explosion. Leave your sensitivity and conservativeness at home, but come with an open mind and readiness to laugh. The humor is subtle and delightful, the seriousness a perfect balance, and the story is just plain awesome. Although crediting itself with intellect throughout, it's a guy's movie for sure; but be honest, even girls think Angelina is hot. See this one. No disappointments.

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