Friday, March 12, 2010

The Blind Side

MUST-SEE: (John Lee Hancock) Despite love for Sandra Bullock and love for sports movies - The Blind Side was nowhere near the top of my list to see in theaters. Especially when Oscar season was quickly approaching (this time being back during the holidays), I didn't want to waste time spending my money on universal sappy sports movies that wouldn't even be mentioned come Academy night. Well, as most all of you know, this didn't really pan out. Even as I rolled my eyes at the suggested Oscar nods for Sandra's performance, I had no idea that not only would Sandra be nominated for Best Actress, but the film would be up for Best Picture too!

So, reluctantly, I dragged my sister (who represents the opposite end of the fan spectrum, as she was bouncing off the walls to see it) to dollar popcorn night at the Regal Cinema and I settled in to see if Sandra could impress me.

Well, my foot went really well with that popcorn.

The story of the Touhy family was powerfully endearing. Bullock was like I have never seen her before - taking a real woman of deep and intricate layers and making us see the real story behind Michael Oher. You easily forget that its advertised as a movie about sports, instead watching a story of character building and the love that bonds a family together. It takes the spirit of Remember the Titans and adds touching depth that left me teared up and feeling like I knew them. My advice is to not make the mistake that I did. Don't discredit The Blind Side, calling it a cheesy football story or whatever else. It's real stuff, and Bullock is doing some serious performing to make it so. It leaves you humbled, yet hopeful and inspired. My apologies writers - this one is good to go. Link

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