Friday, April 9, 2010

In the Loop

WORTH-IT: (Armando Iannucci) As the US President and UK Prime Minister toy with thoughts of war, a few others do everything they can to avoid it. A truly tongue in cheek comedy, this British gem is a fast-paced, witty insight into politics underneath the politics. Much more emphasized than the benefit of war or not, is who sleeps with who, who is more important, who believes what, who is on who's team, etc. etc. It's bordering so close to idiocy that you can't help but be fascinated. It's like watching a train wreck. Personalities and wit converge into something spectacular and hilarious. Peter Capaldi plays the boiling blood pressure Malcom Tucker, adviser to the vulnerable and flighty Prime Minister, perfectly casted in Tom Hollander. James Gandolfini joins the cast as the pacifist general and My Girl's Anna Chlumski makes a return to the screen as Liza, an eager and anti-war understudy in the White House. There are many more that hold hands and swap profanity to make this story an entertaining and laughable one. If you're into British comedy, this will strike the right chord with you. Prepare yourself for overused colorful language and high tempers, but look forward to outrageous dialogue and funny circumstances. This film was an unexpected treat!

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