Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Moon

WORTH-IT for Twilighters: (Chris Weitz) Well, it's the second installment of the infamous Twilight saga, this time with a new director, a beefed up cast and overseas cinematography all working to try and overshadow that the truth of the matter - nothing is really going on. I mean, stuff happens, yes. The Cullens say goodbye to Forks, Jacob turns into a werewolf, and Bella leads him on romantically while living adventurously to get Edward back. Its teen angst at its peak... unfortunately all the little things going on lead nowhere (and just wait, there are till 2 more movies until the ending!). It's the curse of a saga. You're doomed with the rising action only. There's no climax, so in essence, no excitement or closure. Be reassured though, our young teens are learning to act, and with the director change, a missing spark was definitely found. It was a huge improvement over the excessive awkwardness encompassing Twilight #1, feeling more like a movie, and less like an audible illustration. Special effects were nicely done and Dakota Fanning was a good surprise. All in all, I enjoyed this one much more than Twilight, but can't recommend it to anyone who wasn't a fan of the novel. It holds no clout as a stand-alone movie and watching these actors learn to do their jobs is not something to waste your time doing when the movie offers no enjoyment on its own. So, bottom-line: Twilight fans - this is a much improved second installment... you should see it, and I am willing to bet you'll be much more satisfied with this one...

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